Harvest Joy

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


They’re Alive! It’s a miracle! Last spring I planted seeds to keep a plant alive, since my home was where plants came to die. I was successful. I not only kept one plant alive, but two!

What was my miracle? It was my friend. She taught me that knowledge is power. You have to know your plants and understand their needs. Each one is different and unique. I had to take care of them differently.

Aimed with this knowledge my plants not only survived they thrived. Plants are a lot like people. We are all different and unique, some of us want to be left alone. While others need daily attention. We will thrive in the right environment.

The hard part is finding that environment or finding your people. It took years, but I found mine. I used the other seeds I planted last spring to make my environment flourish.

I danced in the sunshine and rain. I kept in touch with my inner child we jumped in mud puddles and skipped down the lane. Life wasn’t perfect, but we were appreciative of each step along the way.

In every adventure I write there are stressful times, but the joys outweigh the dark days. In dancing I release stress. In jumping in the puddles I am able to tap into a simpler perspective on life.

It is the little joys that offer inspiration to this writer.


Inspiration Challenge:

What simple things offer you inspiration?


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