Happy Just ‘Cause

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


I absolutely love this time of the year. The cool nights, the crisp day air, and the explosion of colours on the trees. It’s my favourite time of year.

The pace slows down and Canadian Thanksgiving reminds me that the last of my garden needs to be harvested before the frost hits.  As I look to the bounty of the garden I start to also think also of the seeds, the intentions I planted in the Spring. What has come of those? It dawns on me that we are conditioned to be always driving at results, results, results. My spinach didn’t grow for the 3rd time. I also learned that broccoli needs a lot of space, as does cauliflower. And my experiment with hanging the cucumber was lukewarm in its success. I could focus on that. I could focus on where I didn’t succeed, but instead I look at what I learned. I also focus on the Kale and the celery that is still plentiful and that tomatoes of all shapes and colours are creating little orbs of sunshine in the garden.

I focus on simply being happy now. In the moment. The journey is just as amazing as the destination. But if we are so focused on the destination we lose opportunities to be happy in the now. Happy now, just because. Not I’ll be happy when my cucumber plants are perfect or my broccoli is perfect. Nope,  happy now for the experience, happy now because I can watch the rain kiss the garden. Happy now because I am inside and dry. Point is, happiness doesn’t come from outside and if I focus on the outside “results” or corporate speak “deliverables”, I miss out on life.

Huna principle #4 is Aloha and it is our reminder to be happy. To love is to be happy with. Simply, to shine love means that happy is now. Not later. Not with conditions. Not I’ll be happy if, or I’ll be happy when. The principle reminds us that it’s the other way around. Happy creates the conditions, not the conditions create the happy. The when comes either way. So let’s choose happiness for the ride.

So as I sit here in the hospital with my son, I am happy that he’s warm under blankets and happily oblivious watching a Thor movie. I am happy for a small window of internet connection. I could focus on how much an accident laden highway trip in the rain and dark to get here sucked or having to work around another 2 days at the hospital is a nuisance OR…… I can be happy that right now my teenage kid is laughing at my awful mom jokes. I can be happy right now simply because I choose to find the light and joy within.

Find your happy right now, with this week’s meditation. Let that inner sunshine fly my friends:





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