Happy Just Because

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


What’s my purpose? It’s a big one. I feel it in every cell of  my body that I was meant to come here to help heal the world. To heal in every interaction with others whether an actual healing or simply an exchange between 2 people. I want to establish and open a holistic healing center. One where families can come together to heal instead of fight a diagnosis. A center that embodies full holistic wellness of body mind and spirit. Somewhere where someone can come and fill their cup, regardless of what they need. Be it art, some form of body movement, energy healing (there are so many disciplines but of course will include Huna), counseling, connection with nature. It’s huge and it’s lofty and it energizes me from head to toe. In recent workshops I’ve spent time visualizing what this center looks like right down to the property it sits on. It’s etched in my heart.

The bigness of the goal makes sense that this won’t happen tomorrow. So in the meantime I focus on what I can be happy about. Huna principle #5 is ALOHA and it reminds us that to love is to be happy with. This is the Hawaiian word for love. Further described as love and presence and joy in the moment. I love the richness of this definition. What this teaches is that happiness is found in the right now. Love is happiness. And, this is ultimately is freeing because it means that there is no condition for this love. There are no conditions for happiness other than to choose happiness right now. I am happy with my progress as it is. I am happy and love that with intent in my heart I do my best to leave each interaction with a healed heart, mine and the other person’s. I am happy with the meditations as they are. Speaking of, here’s a meditation to help you embrace the Aloha spirit.

Much love and light to you this week as you sink in the beauty of happy just for the sake of happy!




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