Happy Just Because

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


It’s interesting to contemplate life as we start to emerge on the other side of Covid lockdowns. Pre-Covid life was busy. It was filled with commitments and, in my mind, the reason for not getting my weight in check or committing to the things I wanted to achieve.  Think of your “thing” here. Be it improve finances, build an entrepreuneurial empire, consistently practice meditation….whatever the thing, you set out to do it with this newfound “Covid time”, has it happened? I am not asking as judgement, quite the opposite, I am asking from curiosity and reverence if you did because I realize for me, the extra time was not really there. And the “blocks” to this wasn’t really the other commitments. It was and it wasn’t.

I find myself coming back to the 5th Huna principle. Aloha: To love is to be happy with. Ah yes, there it is. The guidance to be happy as it. To be happy just because. No strings attached. Not I’ll be happy when the scale says this, or the bank account looks like this, or the relationship is this way. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to those things. The big reminder is to be happy now, in this moment as things are.

I have spent the last few weeks holding this principle to my heart. By being more mindful and more present. Especially as we are finding restrictions lifting I am realizing the need to savour the happiness in the small things. Last week on my walk, I was greeted by the bunnies and birds along my usual trail. I got an added surprise at the storm pond when I stopped to look for the blue heron. My friend was not there that morning but I felt a nudge to stay for another moment. A movement in the water caught my eye. There swimming in the water was a river otter! I marveled at the easy movement and the playful way the otter approached the water. Just chillaxing on its back, face up to soak up the sun rays. I stood there with the hugest smile on my face. Ear to ear grin. In that moment the happiness just spilled out. No perfect hair, no external milestone reached, simply being. Simply in the moment.

As I sit here reliving the moment I can tap into that happiness. I can feel the lightness in my body and my grin grow bigger. This is what I want to box up and carry in my pocket to reach for when I need that little hit of happy. Ooh I will call it my little box of happy!

What is your hit of happy? What’s your “happy just because”? Step into that idea with this meditation this week to do just that. To be happy just because:







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