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Written by: Melanie Groves; Circle the Child

I love living where the seasons change all the time. Each one brings its own spectacular vistas and mother nature’s wrath.

Right now it’s smack in the middle of summer. I love the summer. I love it the most really early in the morning or late in the day. Firstly, the quiet and the peace that comes at those times of the day when folks are less likely to be out and about allows me to fully appreciate its splendour. And second, because it’s still comfortable out.

I used to be able to be out all day in the blazing sun. Now, I find the midday sun wipes me out. The irony is that when the sun is out my heart aches to be outside. I find when I am indoors on a beautiful day, I get edgy. It’s as though my inner child is having a fit saying “C’mon, in just a few months it will be too cold or icy. Get on out there!”

So I oblige, of course, having at least become wise enough to know that no good will come of ignoring the little inner voice. My favourite way to cool down while outdoors, besides with a nice cool wine spritzer, is to find a corner of shade and bask in its coolness. It is perfection. It brings me back to childhood when I would lie in a hammock under the trees for hours with my nose stuck in a book. I guess the memory was a really good one. For years I’ve been dreaming of it and I now have a hammock on a stand. It’s even better on a stand because I can move it following the shade as the sun moves about.

In those hammock moments, there is no time. It is as though time stands still as I stare up through the leafy green foliage to the bright blue sky. Even with my eyes closed, I am at peace. It fills my heart. It satisfies my need to be outdoors and it makes for new fond memories. It’s the most amazing therapy! Hammockotherapy! Yes, I just made up that word. It’s such an experience to simply be in a hammock that it deserves a prestigious title such as hammockotherapy.

Even more precious to me is to watch my boys, side by side, nose in books, lying in the hammock. It takes me right back to my summertimes of pure joy. What a blessing to watch them create these memories.

Ahhh, summer living at it’s best! Gotta go now, my hammock is calling! #hammockotherapy

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