Go With the Flow

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham

I experience emotional outbursts from others on a regular basis. The horrible words are directed toward me, but not at me. I could take their words to heart and explode back at them. I don’t. I take a deep breath. I realize their anger is not towards me, it is towards their current situation.

During these situations I have to keep my emotions in check. By doing this I am able to see things from their perspective. Some individuals are caught in a drama cloud. It can be difficult to view things differently when you are stuck in the cloud.

I listen to their stories. I find the positive areas and point them out. There are happy gifts in everyone’s story.

I go home with these amazing stories and characters. Your life and situation can change in an instant. It goes either way, instantly filled with goodness or speed bumps. When I encounter speed bumps I have the emotional tools to help me pull through.

I also come home with emotions I need to release. You can’t hold them in. I use the power of my emotions. I let them flow onto the page: anger, rage, fear, hopelessness, loneliness and tears. It is a gift for my stories. The next time I need to write with those emotions I grab “the book of emotions.”

Managing your emotions is a gift. I am able to shield harsh words and emotions. I am happy and relaxed. When my emotions burst I release them onto the page to save for another day.

There is no need to hang on to emotions, let them flow with music, writing, tears or exercise. Go with the flow.


Inspiration Challenge: this week, write using your emotions.


Write On, Ladies. Write ON!



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