Get Your Juggle On

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Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Immersion Coaching

You have so much life force within you, that your body is capable of pushing out the things that it does not want any more. It’s possible, also, to teach your mind to let go of all the things you don’t want any more.

What is the fastest way to learn how to do this? Let your body tell you what it thinks is a priority, and what it thinks. Learn to hear what your body is telling you, so that you can use it to make important decisions.

This is exactly the process we can all create for ourselves from now until long after the current new normal. The goal is always the goal. It will always be out there somewhere, on the horizon. We use our hearts to dream it up, our minds for the route finding, and our bodies to bridge the distance.

How will you get there? How will you surrender to the flow you keep hearing about? What really matters to you, and what can you let go? What ball can you choicefully drop?

This week’s homework:

1. Research the “feeling” of too many balls in the air, and the frenzy of pre-holiday activity. You know it. Is it you? Of course it is! It’s all of us. See it. Then, in the same space, pull back and find the feeling of “surrender and flow” in you.

Create an image of that in your mind, and come back to it several times a day. It is especially beneficial to teach yourself to come back to this image and feeling when there is frenzy present.

We can learn to “activate” our connection to still water at any moment. THAT is not a goal; it is a skill that can be learned.

Do this ONLY until Wednesday am. Like practicing your slapshot (tee hee) or a yoga pose. You just get present to that one thing, and practice. Ignore the game.

2. Plate your food consciously. What is on your plate? Do you want that? Does it make you feel noursihed? Does it resonate with the goals you have in mind? Does the look and feel of what is on that plate make you feel “surrender and flow?” Which you is this plate feeding – the one who is ahead of the 8 ball, or the you who is dropping balls?

Take the time to arrange it to look and feel the same way your “flow and surrender” or “still waters” make you feel.

3. Today, write the goal(s) on a fresh piece of paper. Get them present and out of the air.

Keep practicing your “flow and surrender” and “still water” pose. You are building the muscles. That IS working towards the goal.

4. Friday, create a plan, and write it down.

Hint: Share it with us here. It makes it real! It also helps us to know what space to hold for what you want to achieve. We’re your team.

BONUS: Is there a shiny object you can drop?



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