This Week’s Topic – Get Your Glitter On, Girls!

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We always have such fun conversations. In the background, we are always doing something depthy and daring, and yet when we come together to share our processes with each other, somehow those big tasks become fun and easy.

Almost every topic we discuss ends in the feeling of celebration.

Last week, we shared our Vision, and celebrated each other already, a change in how we often think and feel about the work we do. Although our dreams are inspired and joyful, sometimes it does feel like work to bring our gifts to the table! Celebrating each other before the Vision is complete makes the Vision real. Our discussion last week created a new way of seeing the exchange we have with our dreams, that it is already happening.

This week, let’s turn our conversation outwards, and use this concept of “visionary success” – that it is a step-by-step process towards great achievement – and tackle together a global problem. For decades now, we have heard the phrase “think global, act local.” This week, let’s DO that. Let’s roll all of our collective awareness towards a global vision.

Let’s talk about sustainability!

It’s easy. We do hard stuff all the time, so let’s sweep something that is globally difficult into our wave of awesomeness ha! In other words, if Mother Earth were our Vision, and to feel love, she needed to be gifted alternatives towards sustainability —every day, in your real-life alternatives—and it was easy and joyful to give her this gift, what would you give her?

This week, share with us 1 – 3 real-life and sustainable alternatives you use in your daily life. As always, how do you really do something hard?

Bonus: Make a transition this week. Make a change. Can you give up a plastic you don’t have an alternative for yet? Are you wanting to try a new laundry soap? Is there a new kind of organic food you want to find?

And remember, as with all of our topics, we are committed to the engagement in joyful solutions. Leave the ranting to Green Peace. We already know why things are bad.

Have a blast.

For serious!

Someone, somewhere, how ever long ago, created plastic glitter in celebration.

We are the change, Ladies.

How do you DO!

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