Garbage Patch

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I have read stories and seen pictures of the garbage patch that lies in the Pacific Ocean. It is quite shocking. The garbage patch has an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic. How embarrassed I would be if some of my garbage ended up there? I would feel ashamed. And the truth is some of my garbage is probably there.

I am cautious when I am out to throw my stuff away. If I am at the beach I gather my garbage. I even pick up after others. I don’t want this to end up in the ocean. We need to clean our planet. It can start with me.

I pick up after myself everywhere I go, movie theaters, stores, the park and the beach. It is my garbage, my responsibility. I find trash in all sorts of places. If you look around you will see it. After trying on shoes the other day I picked up two coffee cups and one soda cup, and threw them away. The owners left them behind resting on the shoe displays.

I stopped using lids and straws. I use a paper cup. It takes me back to my childhood. There were paper cups at all the great hamburger stands.

I don’t have plastic drinking glasses in my home. I use glass ones. Using a glass cup helps me feel fancy on days I may be a little blue. It may seem silly, but it is a simple treasure I enjoy.

I don’t own a plastic cooler. They make great soft fold up ones now.

Giving up plastic water bottles was tough for me. It took me a while. I couldn’t find a reusable cup I liked. Then someone gave me a metal reusable cup. I love it! It keeps my water cold and my ice lasts almost all day.

I use cloth bags at the store or if I buy large items I use them to stack my grocery items in. I try to save where I can.

Where I fail is the Ziploc bag. I love my Ziploc bags. I use them everyday. I need to find an alternative.

I want the garbage patch to stop growing, so the clean up process can start making a dent. The Ocean Cleanup website is a great source of information.

Imagine if my grandchildren could grow up in a world where the garbage patch no longer existed.

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Guardian Angels

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