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Hello Ladies!

Positive people have a natural mind-set that is as natural as it is choiceful. In turn, our choiceful focus is an act of Creation. When we do it together? That’s the stuff of revolution, of change, of a new and heart-centred world.

We built this community from that exact mind-set, and as we roll forward, each of us in our daily lives and individual projects, our private forum provides a sanctuary of sorts that we come back to daily to regroup and rejuvenate. Perhaps another way of describing this is that we can come back to the castle at the end of the day, and polish our armour, or sharpen our swords.

We provide for each other an oasis of positive thinking – or foundational empowerment.

When we use positive mind-set choicefully, it quickly and obviously becomes our number one tool in modern life. We use it to create a powerful buffer of space around us, that in turn has a powerful effect on the futures we are creating for ourselves and our loved ones.

This week, let’s have FUN with this lovely and lofty concept of how important positive thinking is to creating the lives of our dreams. Let’s manifest, without attachment. Let’s play that fun and easy game!

For your share this week, choose something that makes you happy, makes you laugh, brings you joy, or cheers you on. Choose one simple practical thing. Is it heart-shaped rocks or four-leafed clovers? Is it your favourite song on the radio? Is it the colour purple? Stray dimes? Is it little green cars?!

Tell us how it starts to show up in your life! 

Choose something fun and easy – something practical, something unrelated to anything you are consciously trying to create in your life.

This is the game of simple manifestation that shows you how your focused thought creates. This is the practical game that shows you how important and powerful your positive thoughts can be…without thinking!

Game on, Ladies!

Have a positively fantastic week!


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