Frank’s Rose

 In Weekly Forum Discussion, Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Guardian Angels

I love roses. I get sad when their season is over. I see a beautiful rose and light up. The rose is delicate, refreshing, peaceful and beautiful no matter the color. I went through a painful time a few years back. A friend presented me with a beautiful metal rose and a note. “The beauty of this rose will last the tests of time as will your inner beauty.”

Having people tell me I am beautiful inside is a true compliment. My inner beauty holds my values, my integrity. My outer beauty will change with time. The values I hold inside will remain.

My friend is no longer with us, but my rose is still holding his beauty. I too am still holding on to my inner beauty.  As I look at my rose I see my friend, he was a beautiful person with strong integrity that lives on through all the lives he touched.

I have met people who talk about having strong integrity. Yet they don’t live by the words they speak. I tried to help someone I loved deeply. I believed if I helped him follow the integrity he spoke about I could make him happy. I failed and in the process, I was the one hurt.

Why did I not have integrity for myself? I lost control of who I was.

Through the process of healing, I had to start from scratch. A process I loved at times and hated at others. It was tough, but I found the true me. My values, the values I hold for others, life and myself.

My integrity is honesty which earns respect. When you don’t follow your integrity you feel disappointed in yourself. When you follow your true values you can sleep at night. I feel at peace knowing I stayed true to myself. I learned the hard way. You can’t teach someone to have integrity. You can lead by example. If someone truly wants integrity they will find their way.

It is a good feeling knowing I have inner beauty. I see it daily in people. I smile brightly because the light of their inner beauty is shining all around. They glow with respect, love and honesty, which is as beautiful as a rose.

Look at yourself in the mirror and realize what a beautiful rose you are on the inside. You have integrity for others and yourself.

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