Follow Your Gut

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Ever found yourself thinking about a decision or situation where you ask yourself, “who’s idea was this“?

Let’s go deeper on this. Was that decision yours? Be honest. Was it truly yours or was the decision perhaps subtly, or perhaps not so subtly, influenced by another person or persons? I am willing to bet, if the decision or situation is leaving you with a “meh” or dread feeling, chances are, it wasn’t your decision.

How can I make that claim? Well because of course I’ve lived it and it’s a lesson that has presented itself to me more times than I’d like to admit. So who are my decision makers? For me it’s:

  1. The “who I think I should be, or others want me to be” me
  2. The “who I know myself to be” me
  3. The “what will they think of this or me” me

As luck would have it, I have a decision to make this week regarding the direction of the expansion of my healing practice. The other “Me voices” are all really loud and so I take a walk to clear my head. I set the intention to find clarity and head out for my walk. There in a window on a side street I don’t really travel on, is the sign that reads “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”. A clear in my face reminder of 2 things. 1, the universe responds when we ask. And 2, tell the other Me voices to step down, the real and true me wisdom needs to step up.

I know what to do. Listen to the wisdom of #2 me. Quiet the other voices and sink into how the options feel in my body. When I’ve listened to that innate wisdom I’ve never, ever been steered wrong. I tune into how I feel with the choices. A “heck yes! Let’s do this”, feels WAY different then the “it’s the logical choice or my parents, community, partner (insert whatever influencer here) would approve”.  That’s gut intelligence. That’s listening to the inner wisdom when it whispers “this feels great” or tries to tell you, “this isn’t good”. And this brings me back to the earlier point. In every one of the situations where I questioned who made this choice or lamented why did I choose this, I missed or ignored my gut. Never have I followed the gut nudge and been frustrated at the outcome.

I challenge you this week. Follow your gut. Connect with it. What decision are you making this week? Use your gut and this week’s meditation to connect you to your gut and support you in finding and feeling your yes.






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