Focused on Now

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Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

I woke up this morning to a beautiful and breathtaking sight. The trees and the street are covered in sparkly fresh white snow. I head outside in my pyjamas to get a closer look. It’s stunning. It’s quiet outside and for a moment I feel like it’s just me and the snow-covered trees glistening in the light of the sun which is just about to rise. I am calm, happy just being there. The fresh air is invigorating.

Then the noise starts. I pick up my phone to take a picture of this scenery and the social media feeds are screaming with frustration. Why? Because this snowfall has happened in Spring. Angry posts, frustrated people expressing outrage because the calendar has told us it’s springtime and yet what has manifested in life doesn’t seem to match the story we’ve now started telling ourselves.

It’s interesting. It’s as though the outside circumstance is dictating how people should feel. People allow their days to be ruined by ruminating over something completely out of their control. I sit with that. Hmmm. Maybe not over snow in the spring, but I’ve been there. I can look back and see so clearly (thank you hindsight) moments I have literally wasted agonizing over things I could not change. Things that I felt were blocking my progress to the life I was (and still am) working at manifesting. Interestingly, as I am thinking of actual examples I cringe at the recency of my example. Literally last week. I fell back into focusing on everything that keeps me disenchanted with my current corporate gig. It took me a whole week of brooding to get to the realization that I am only one person, I can’t fix a broken culture. And you know what? That’s ok! Why? Because I know in my heart of hearts that this current engagement is simply the means to the end of growing my Huna practice. So a whole week was wasted focused on what I didn’t want… and it was a miserable week. I was miserable. Thankfully, although painfully, I remembered. It’s about focusing on what I want!

That for me is the essence of it. That’s the secret sauce, if you will, for creating a life on purpose. I know what I want. What better way to spend my time than to be focusing on that with the unwavering faith of a child. I love children. They teach us so much. If you want to see joy, check out a child who is seeing snow this morning as a fresh canvas for snow angels or snowball fights. Watch a kid play in a splash pad or just roll down a grassy hill and laugh hysterically until they can’t breathe or talk. They don’t know jaded, cynical. They know and live right now. Right in this moment. If it starts to rain they pull on boots and jump in puddles.

From a Huna perspective, I am brought back to remembering and practicing principles 3 and 4.

  1. Principle #3: Makia:  Where your attention goes, creation flows, Be focused. 
  2. Principle #4: ManawaNow is the moment of power, Be present.

I am grateful for the snow in spring today. Thank you. It reminds me that I am a life-long learner and points out the areas in my life and thinking that need a reset. I am grateful that I was able to see it and understand the lesson. And, I am re-energized, refocused and stepping back onto my path. I am a healer. I know it deep in my core that this is my life’s purpose. This is the gift I am meant to share with others. And with this refocus and remembering, I am embracing the present moment with my camera lens focused in the direction of manifesting healing for the world.

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