This Week’s Discussion – Who Is Your Favourite Female Role Model?

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Hello Ladies!

This is one of those fantastic times where we get to luxuriate on a topic we love, for a couple of weeks!

What we mean by that is, that as members of this community, we actually get two weeks with each topic. We have full immersion in the conversation in the private members’ forum, and then again with the public community as our .com blog rolls out the following week. What started as a logistics-need for the public blog, has really turned into a fun way of expanding the benefits of focused creative conversation between women.

It’s like we planned it, this way that our conversation gathers us, protects us, and cheers us on in a world of ever expanding social interaction. As we grow, and as we are influencing with our ripple out, this conversation becomes easier and easier for other women to hear. That is our goal. In a way, we are becoming the mother of this grounded, focused, and connected women’s social culture. 

Why is this unique? We are offering and creating belonging. And we are so satisfied ourselves that this is also becoming a sustainable battery for other women, far beyond those we practically serve.

We are a virtual sustainable resource.

This week, let’s share our feelings, beliefs, experiences, thoughts, joys, and hearts towards all things Woman. And let’s allow this topic be a wild card. Focus your post on the one thing, or one woman you feel has positively influenced you.

Who are your most cherished female role models? Choose 1 – 3 women who have influenced you, and why.  

It will be like a group hug of creative focus!

So, wherever you are, and whenever you read this, Ladies, feel the love! These women you look up to, they are you.

Have a fabulous week, Ladies!

Plug in.

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