Everything is Fine

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Writer in Residence


You feel blindsided…like being punched in the gut…when the unexpected has appeared in my life I do the most logical thing… I sit in the quiet.

Alone with my thoughts, gives me the time to take everything in. I began to process, I feel all the rainbow of emotions and then the overthinking begins.

When this phase begins I realize it is time to clear the air. I head outside for a power walk. Out in the world, I see more clearly. I began to map out a plan. I find peace and calm. I know this is just another chance to learn and grow. I will be okay. Everything will be fine.

Covid was first spoken in 2019. I heard of shut downs. I knew it would come, but hoped it wouldn’t. It did in March of 2020. I was separated from my communities, friends and family, thank goodness I still had work and Consciously

My Consciously Woman community continued to flourish. I had a beautiful support system. I wasn’t alone, everything was fine.

Soon my other communities moved online. My dance community moved outdoors. Dancing in the wind, rain, snow, ice and sunshine. I became alive. My senses found the most amazing things in nature. I was given gifts every day, everything was fine.

My life changed, because of Covid. I now see an end in sight. I am looking forward to live music in the streets, the wobbly table at the corner coffee shop, and big hugs.

I hope my dance community never goes back indoors. I love dancing outside…no matter the weather. I hope the walking paths stay busy, I hope the caring and generosity continue.

“I’m fine, it’s fine. everything is fine.”



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