Every Woman

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


She’s my cheerleader, listening ear, a place of comfort, the voice of reason and my dance instructor, every woman I cross paths with is an inspiration to me.

Even when I see a woman having a moment. This is a great opportunity for me to reflect and learn. We all have moments.

I look back on all the strong women who shaped my life. I hold a space for each and every one of them. It is impossible for me to single one out. Their guidance was needed for that place in my journey.

Some of these kind souls are not a part of my life at this time. I still love and appreciate them. Thinking about them fills my heart with happiness. They helped shape the woman I am today.

The universe knew I would need them and placed them along my path. I realize I was a light for them along their journey, too.

It is a beautiful gift to be a light for others and to recognize all the lights provided along the way.

When I was going through a rough period others tried to help. I turned them away. I thought I could do it myself. I forgot some storms are too great for me to handle alone. Turning away others made for a longer more difficult journey.

I surely needed their light.

I am so thankful for my growth and understanding. All the fabulous women I encounter are the inspiration for the characters in my stories. I love letting these inspiring women shine in their own unique way. I want their big personalities preserved forever.


So please remember you are someone’s inspiration and you are my inspiration to!



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