Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

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Expanding on the topic of a few weeks ago, I am exploring the idea of my vision – my life’s passion. Here’s what I am focused on:

  1. Expanding my healing practice
  2. Sharing our family story to help others
  3. Opening a healing centre for children and their families

How does this vision show up in my life, right now? How are the little things today a manifestation of what I thought yesterday? This is where it stems from, isn’t it? In my years of study of Huna we learn and practice seven principles. One of the principles, or universal truths, is IKE -the world is what you think. The essence of this: my current experience or place in life is a result of my thoughts, or more precisely, the energy frequency at which I have been vibrating. Am I living in a mansion with all my financial needs met? Nope. But, that’s not what I am focused on, which is the next part of the secret. Another of the Huna principles is Makia – energy flows where attention goes. Or if you prefer Buddha’s version – what you think, you become. This is truly the root of the magic of manifestation. In this spirit, I focus and make choices guided by the intention of “is this getting me closer to my vision?”

Here’s where I am now with my vision:

1. Expanding my practice: I have expanded my clients in the last month, one new paying client and two new practice clients. One of these practice clients is also another healer with whom I do an energy healing exchange. Not so coincidentally I met this incredible healer through this the Consciously Woman forum (thank you S.R.!). More brilliantly though, in our healing exchanges we share each of our disciplines, and in sharing and teaching what I know, my knowledge deepens. In that energy, more people are coming to me.

I also had an opportunity to attend a networking event this week, which to be honest, I tend to stay away from. I was invited by another Consciously Woman member. Because of this, I have set up a few meet-ups and coffee dates to discuss the practice, and ways to connect more people to Huna.

And lastly, I am in the process of being listed along with other brilliant Huna practitioners on my teacher’s website.

I see those new clients. They are drawn to me and they are ready to heal. They are each perfect in their own right and together we are seeing progress. I know this feeling already through watching my clients’ progress, it’s easy to bring more of this by tapping into this energy!

2. Sharing my story: Simply by way of this blogging channel I have already begun sharing. Through social media posts, and coffee with new people met in this networking group, I am sharing and being presented with opportunities to expand my reach.

The next opportunity lies in the book that brews in my mind. Written on scraps of paper all shoved in a notebook; mental notes of blogs, or Facebook posts which enrich the novel, all dance around my mind, too. The next step is to start putting those ideas into a framework of chapters (also still in my head) on the computer. But, I see it. I feel it. I smell the coffee that is next to me as I write. The latter could be the actual cup of coffee next to me as I type this post, but it all helps to shape the vision.

3. Opening a healing centre: The physical centre is not open, but it is very vivid in my imagination. I have dreamed about it, and I have woken up feeling certain it was there. More recently, I have had encounters with other practitioners who are also dreaming this dream. What I thought was my own dream is now turning into a community vision. And, what better way to energize this thought, this intention, than with the energy and intention of others who have the same vision?

Reflecting as I re-read this, I realize that I have manifested my vision. The essence of it is all there. I am living it! And, funnily enough this links to the seventh principle, Pono – effectiveness is the measure of truth. The truth is that these things are coming to me. I am open for more. I am also aware that in this very moment (Manawa – now is the moment of power, also a Huna principle and the essence of Eckhart Tolle’s work) my focus, happiness, and limitless thinking are bringing and expanding my vision – it is becoming the very thing it needs to become.

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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