Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

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Seeing it in my mind’s eye.

I have been working a lot with visualization lately. I’ve dabbled in it and gotten success. I know it works. But I haven’t yet embedded it as a habit. At least not yet. It seems a bit backward especially since it’s been a big part of working with our son and his seizure disorder.  Every day we remind him to see it, see it and believe what it looks like and more so feel what it feels like. Seeing it is part one, but part two is feeling it. When working with kids we’ve got to make it easy. It’s like a game. Rewire your brain by tricking it. The science tells us that our brains cannot tell the difference between the actual and imagined. This science is used to train Olympic athletes to excel at their sports. When they wired them up and tested them, muscle fires. There was no difference in the readings from when they actually did the thing physically or when they thought it. So why not make it fun and train my brain to actually be living this life I want?

A wonderful friend got this message in a fortune cookie.  “A surprise announcement will free you.”  How fun. Fortune cookies are not in themselves very tasty, I won’t eat them but oh how I love the messages. The anticipation of what it might tell you is all part of the fun.  So this message gets me thinking..despite visualization, I am not where I want to be with my healing practice. I am not where I want to be with my own self-healing. So if I added the extra element of a surprise announcement what would it be?

I can picture it, heck, I’ve been imagining it. Sitting across from my boss in the corporate world. He is nervous. He hands me a letter while rambling on: “The company is underperforming and support roles such as yours are being re-evaluated. Here is generous 6 months compensation as part of the restructuring. We’re very sorry, we really value your work, this was a tough decision.” I can see myself applying my poker face, mentally telling myself to make my face be solemn while on the inside I am screaming with elation, relief and pure joy. I have been gifted the security for my family while I leap with heart and arms wide open to pursue my passion.  Clients seeking healing are drawn to me. I am attracting those who are ready to let go of the illusions they have created in their lives and work with the flow of the universe. I am healing too in the process and waking up to my own truth, no longer fooled by the illusions. I feel light. I feel aligned. I am one with my higher self. I am buzzing with life. I am happy. Just writing this, my whole body is vibrating with this frequency. It’s a high without the drugs!

Walt Disney tells us: “If you can dream it you can do it”. While we hear from Tony Robbins that “Where focus goes, energy flows”. I love these and they reinforce what ancient Huna philosophy tells us. Huna Principle 3 Makia: “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”.

So there it is — the message, the sign that I keep asking the universe for.  It’s in my power. I can create the healing practice I want. I can help the world to heal. I can help my son to heal. It starts with me. It starts in my mind’s eye. Can you see it? I can! And I feel it. It’s spectacular!

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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