Embrace Your Inner Momma

 In Mindfulness and Meditation, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


As spring is waking up and emerging here, I have the urge to connect and be outdoors. My senses are buzzing with the sun on my face as the wind blows my hair. My ears take in the songs of the cardinals and finches, and all the while, my eyes taking in the beautiful blue sky. I swear that fluffy white cloud over there looks like a butterfly.

Huna teaches us ALOHA: to love is to be happy with. The essence of it is being happy with the now, just as it is. I truly need for nothing but the air in my lungs right now.

I soak in this moment feeling filled up, and I realize this feeling of peace came because I nurtured myself. I mothered myself.

My natural inclination is always towards mothering outwardly. So much so, that my brother affectionately tells me that I put the smother in mother. So to stop and mother inwards, so to speak, is a wonderful feeling. What greater gift do we have than to channel our inner mothers, and to listen carefully to what our inner children are screaming at us?

What a gift to say to yourself, “I am here, I am listening, what do you need?”

Lucky for me, when I tune in and listen to my inner wild child, I hear that she has simple needs. All I need to feel nurtured is my bare feet in the lush green grass with my face turned upwards to the sun.

It’s the mother of realization for me!



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