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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


“I am so dumb.” A phrase I uttered often. I would never say those words to anyone else. Yet I have no problem saying them to myself.

I miss a turn, I make a mathematical error, I didn’t understand a joke or I feel inferior…the phrase pops in my head.

I am not dumb. I am human. I stumble sometimes, but stumbling doesn’t make me dumb.

I know how to drive. I know algebra, I understand most jokes and people are unique.

I need to switch the focus. Stop focusing on the one little misstep in my day and instead focus on all the wonderful steps in between.

I accomplished so much in one day. Woo hoo to me. Woo hoo to all the things that went correctly and woo hoo to me for working through the one misstep.

Let’s celebrate all the wonderful ups and downs we encounter every day. I replace dumb with “your so amazing.”

Cause I am and so are you!


Inspiration Challenge:

What little misstep have you powered through?


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