Discussion Topic for the Week of March 5 – What Women Really Want

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hey Ladies!

What do you really want? What do you think other women really want?

What do we really need? 

How do we really support and inspire each other?

These are pretty basic and simple questions, but the answers will be as diverse as the women in this group.

Last week, three of us had the luxury of being in the same physical room, at the same time. We had the luxury of having a face-to-face conversation about the topic, “who inspires you?” We all named very different people who inspire us, and for completely different reasons; we have different lives and interests.

What was interesting was that all the people who inspire us (mostly women, but not all) had similar qualities, and similar effects on our perspectives and goal-completing capacity. What was even cooler? We all had a very clear feelings and understandings about what it takes to be an ambitious and successful woman these days. Our final conversations as a group of modern women was: what do you think women want out of a community? What do they need? How do we, as a group, adjust or grow ourselves to meet those wants and needs?

So… this week, for your share, consider that in your own life. Consider what your female friends and colleagues want and need out of their social engagements – personal and professional. Consider this especially from the perspective of that woman in your mind’s eye who is successful. This is key because when you hold that successful image of her, and then give her what she wants and needs there, you make the path she is carving for herself more accessible. You make it easier.

We have the luxury of each other’s support in this community, near and far. As we grow our community, we are also growing our ability to serve more and more women with our thoughts and experiences.

How and what do we give?

What do you see, as a woman, that your fellow women want from this community?

What do we need together?

Let’s come together to provide that consciously.

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