An Intentional Happy New Year

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Happy New Year, Ladies!

What is your New Year’s intention? 

Think of this as an “I want to” rather than an “I won’t anymore.” We are so accustomed to New Year’s resolutions. The sentiment is ideal, but the practical choices we make about resolutions, how we approach them, come from our unconscious lack and self-criticism.

Lean into, instead, the culture we have cultivated here in our community. Start your year from the energies of abundance and self-love. Freedom. Creativity.

Think of this week’s post as a way to create and grow the already successful and enjoyable parts of you and your life.

Intend to have more, be more, experience more, and love more of the you in your life.

A new year is an opportunity to love life more.

Live. Love. Laugh.

Wishing you a spectacular 2018!

You are unlimited.


Photo credit: Nora Moll

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