Discussion Topic for the Week of Feb. 26 – You Inspire Me

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hi Ladies!

The mission of this project is to inspire each other to live more fully. When you boil it down to its purest explanation, that’s it: we want to inspire others to create the lives of their dreams, as we have. We want to show them that it is simple and easy.

We want to continue showing that to each other.

One of the most amazing parts of being part of this project is to experience the fulfillment of supporting other women, and by using co-inspiration as a tool, we have come to understand the importance of inspiration as a tool – we give it and we receive it in equal parts.

This week, spend some time thinking about the women who inspire you. Share with us what they do, and how they inspire you to experience more in your own life. 

We have many different versions of “woman” in this community, many different versions of what the modern woman looks like, living a life. What we have in common is the drive to create more in and of ourselves, and share more with the world.

This week, spend some time in the arms of the women who inspire you.

Feel for yourself how important that is, and what you are bringing to each other – and beyond – by sharing yourselves with the world.

Thank you, Ladies.

You inspire.

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