This Week’s Topic – Surprise!

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We just have such incredible and cumulative good fortune. Yup! It’s a fact!

This week, let’s roll with it! Let’s have a wild card topic of sorts.

This is that excellent time of year where we get lots of surprises in the weather – start there in your mind. What would you do?! We’re into the second lap of Covid, and there have been lots of unfortunate surprises along the way, and yet it’s that beautiful human experience of seeing the positive in life that has carried us through.

So, just like we do with all of our specific discussion topics, let’s each share —from our own positive perspectives — what we would wish for if we received this fortune:

“A surprise announcement will free you.”

Take this good fortune in any direction that inspires you.

If you were to receive a surprise announcement, what would it be, and how would it free you?

“How far will you fly if you are free,” asked one Raven of the other.

“As far as I can.” she replied.

Have a beautiful week, Ladies.


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