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Happy Happy New Year!

We have so much fun celebrating our lives and our growth together. Ours is a connection built on love and kindness, on joy—our bond and support of each other is extraordinary. We are, indeed, a visionary collaboration of women.

This is a particularly special year to celebrate friends, family, the world and our futures.  Our hearts are especially huge this  year! We have a brilliant opportunity to seed our coming years in the energy of joy and love.

Celebration begets celebration!

So, this week, while you are marinating in the abundance of high vibration that is 2022, take a moment to look out ahead and plant your New Year’s intentions. It’s the new normal, after all! What do you intend to create? What do you wish for? What incredible things do you want to experience in your life? Be as bold as you can! Use the energy around you and the energy bursting in from your heart to amplify not only your desires, but your ability to bring the intended to life.

For your share this week:

What is your New Year’s Intention for 2022?

As always, keep it clear and potent. Keep this intention tightly wrapped around 1 – 5 things, and declare them with as much detail as you can see now.

Paint for us, with the brush of celebration, your New Year to come.

Have a fabulous week, Ladies.

Celebrate life.



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