Discussion Topic for the Week of Nov. 4 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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It is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. It’s a thing. I just looked it up and we’ll do that as a discussion topic some day – it’s a gooder!

In the meantime, our topic is doing an in-the-moment, ultra-present, super-switch, because that’s how we roll. That’s why we’re awesome! We have our collective fingers on the pulse! We are holding the presses, postponing our planned topic, and getting on Sherri’s crew for the week.

Alright, so get a load of this:


Yup! That’s our Sherri! So good. She’s been caught in the spotlight, and this week, we are going to use that spotlight as the way to join hearts and cheer her on. That’s how we roll!

What’s even more amazing, Ladies, is that this is giving us an opportunity to connect to the absolute, rock-bottom, first layer of the foundation of our community, why we came together in the first place.

Way back in the day, Consciously Woman was created as a deliberate space for connecting in our fullest. No need to hide. No need to turn the volume of your awesomeness down. No need to turn the volume of another woman’s awesomeness down either. In fact, we consciously committed to accepting the other women’s reflections as our own. Instead of stopping short at jealousy or inadequacy, the foundation of our community was grounded in the cultivated ability to use the reflection of another woman’s brilliance as a way to see your own. This is a tool for our individual and authentic self-confidence, and also a doorway that together we hold open for the women in our collective field of influence to walk through, too. 

It feels amazing. And frankly, a little revolutionary. This is precisely why we tagged ourselves as “a visionary collaboration of women.”

So, without further ado:

This week, watch Sherri’s video here. Feel the pride in and for her. See her authentically in her fullest (can’t hide that one, Sherri!). Feel the joy. Allow her to be the reflection of yourself. Share with us what this inspires you to see in yourself. What is the matching reflection you see? And as always, tell us the very practical hands-on, rubber meets the road, story about the off-the charts amazing thing you have achieved – and more, that you absolutely love(d) doing.

What was your first 100 Mile Ultra-marathon, and how awesome did it make you feel?

Mirror mirror on the wall,

The awesome in me,

Sees the awesome in you.

So much love!

P.S. Here is a video of the Jalvelina Jundred so you can see just what Sherri was up to last week!


Run Sherri, Run!!!

Whoop whoop!

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