Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 8 – Nailed It!

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hey Ladies!

It’s time for a non-traditional discussion topic. You may want to sit down for this one:

This week, as a group we are going to accept some criticism.

What’s that Marigold?

Yes. We are going to accept some criticism, but we are not going to take it lightly. Instead of letting it roll off, we are going to discuss it head on. What’s the criticism?

Survey says:

We are just too positive.

What the…? Yes! We’re just too positive… and sometimes they can’t read us.

All crazy-making, drama, and one temper tantrum aside, you are allowed to laugh. It’s true. We’re exceptionally positive, and we’re lucky to be that way! Or are we…?

Of course we are. That is perhaps the single goal of our community culture. This feedback is a critical win.

This week, share with us what you do when you realise you are too-of-something positive. Too happy? Too satisfied? Too supported? Too successful? Too awesome maybe? You bet your sweet cheeks you are!

That’s right! You nailed it! Now what? Do you hide it? Do you shrink yourself? Do you leave the interaction? Do you try to make the other person feel more positive, more happy, more successful?

How do you maintain your positivity when the world around you prefers otherwise?

There’s no need to dial it back. Instead, push back.

The push-back creates even more room, when we are inspired to take the extra mile inside ourselves.

How do you do that?


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