Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 29 – Meet Me For Coffee

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Hello Ladies!

It is in our nature as women to wear many hats and many layers.

This week, let’s again turn and face outwards. Let’s go out for coffee!

It has been a beautiful couple of weeks of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable in our lives, and as always in our community, of getting to know each other better, in those places where we work hard in our individual lives to show up and deliver. It’s sometimes hard to believe that we could learn even more about each other! We are, after all, pretty comfortable in this conversation, sharing our deepest thoughts, our most cherished goals, and our celebrated wins.

This week, for your share, take us out for coffee.

Where would we go? What would you order? Would we sit inside or out? And most important, what part of yourself would you share with us in conversation? If we met for coffee, one on one, and face to face, what would you want to talk about?

Would you talk about your kids? Would you tell us about the art show you attended last week? Are you planning to try a new recipe on the weekend? Did you travel somewhere spectacular last summer? Do you have a new pair of favourite shoes? Did you have a huge win with your work?

It’s all important! It’s all you.

We have such huge and amazing lives, Ladies. There are so many different parts of ourselves in action, and each of those parts have their own voices, their own adventures.

If we had the pleasure of meeting for coffee this week – in real time – what part of yourself would you share?

Bring it to life.


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