Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 15 – Out of Your Comfort Zone

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We LOVE interesting. 

Together we represent many types of women and lifestyles, but at the core, this community conversation always brings us closer and closer together. We do not share the same experiences, but we share the same values and core beliefs. So many of our conversations boil us down to our primary assets in a way. As we grow, and as more women are joining us, we are starting to see a very interesting connection between us. We are starting to see that when it comes to success and abundance in any modern woman’s life, regardless of her title, her occupation, her lifestyle, her goals, one of the assets in which she is investing is her confidence.

Growing our level of confidence, is directly related to our success. It’s SO interesting! 

And… given the exact way we work here in our community, this week is going to bring a direct and abundant return on our investments. This week, we are going to take something small and practical in our daily lives, and roll the big picture energy it represents into our futures.

Goes like this:

It’s the time of year where the season’s swap, and as the temperature goes up and down over the next couple of weeks, we have the very practical and palpable experience of what we do to stay in our comfort zone. Layers on, layers off. We dress in layers so we can add or remove what we are wearing to keep us comfortable. We know what to do to adapt – always keeping in mind what we want to achieve (looking great, ha!) while negotiating what we need to learn or do in order to get there (the weather!)

With that in mind, this week, think about this in terms of what you want to achieve in life – anything, all of it! Pick one of those things. Take a few moments and tell us briefly in your share what that thing is.

Then, choose something you need to do to achieve that “thing” that is out of your comfort zone. Do you need to make a phone call to a prospect in your business? Do you need to make a website? Do you need to try a new recipe to bring to a potluck? Do you need to give up sugar to lose five pounds? Do you want to run an extra mile? Take a few moments and tell us briefly what that “out of your comfort zone” action is that you need to do to bring about your results.

Now, pause. Imagine those two things connected in your mind – the “thing” you want to achieve, plus the “out of your comfort zone” action. Seal that image in.

And… put it on the back burner to simmer.

Because… this week, for your share, choose one small and seemingly insignificant thing that is out of your comfort zone and do it. Do you want to put more vegetables in your diet? Do you want to change the furniture in your living room? Do you want to wear more colour? Do you want to have a fancy signature at the end of your emails? Do you have a list of uncomfortable phone calls to return? Do one a day! We’ll cheer you on!

Not flossing, perhaps? That’s every ones fave ha!

Every day. Do it. For real.

Feel how easy it is to live and be, outside your comfort zone.

Get comfy. Get in the zone.

It’s easy!

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