Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 1 – What Defines You?

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How interesting last week to explore the definition of “in the flow!” Our conversation on the private site opened the door to future discussions, where as a group we can put the spotlight on other common guiding and inspirational phrases. After all, it’s kind of our thing. Together we are turning so many of the current growth and creativity concepts into practical reality. We do the stuff we talk about.

It’s a gift to be free, and yet it is also free for us to be whatever and whoever we choose to be. 

This week, let’s explore the definition of ourselves. Tell us 3 – 5 things (only!) that define you. What do you do? What do you think? What inspires you and how do you embody that? How are you an expression of your passion? What do you stand for? What do you love?

See how your identity meets your beliefs and your desires.

For your share this week, be sure to think about all aspects of who you are – personal and professional. Be sure to flip around and see yourself as others see you too! It’s an opportunity to see yourself clearly, or acknowledge and grow the best parts of yourself.

NOTE: As we did last week, it’s really important for where we are as women who are committed to consciousness and awareness to embody the abstract phrases and concepts popularised in the media we see daily. As you are writing your post, you are in fact defining what we do here in this community – we are living proof of the concepts we use as the foundation of our personal growth. For example, if you define yourself as “love” or “peace” or “ease” (those abstract concepts), bring that into the practical. This means, if you are “love”, how would someone who has coffee with you know that – what practical ways do they experience this. Most important, what practical ways do you experience that concept within yourself.

If you are love, what does that mean?

What are you free to be? Who are you?

What defines you?

Put your best foot forward!

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