Discussion Topic for the Week of May 7 – Presence The Expert You

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hello Ladies!

Our conversations are inspiring and enlivening! It’s an incredible thing to experience the evolution of this community, and to watch the original intentions come to fruition. It has truly become an oasis in our busy worlds where we can connect deeply with like-minded women, and step forward into our own individual lives from a solid foundation of positivity – our own and each other’s.

Our conversations, regardless of the topic that week, support our strengths, while also fortifying us as we take those strengths back into the real world to do our work.

This week, tell us about your expertise. How are you an expert at what you do? What do people come to you for? What IS your expertise? Be specific. Keep it to one or two things. This is clarity.

Most of us in this community right now have businesses or causes or lifestyles we would like to promote, sell, or teach. The invitation this week is to use the energy and the support of this community to speak that into the conversation. Use us as your audience to begin to craft and brand those passions. This is a soft and supportive space for you to articulate your power. As this project is becoming more visible, the women in this community are providing the friendly faces in the front row. We are your biggest fans, and the side effect is increased confidence. We want you, for ourselves, but who really needs you are the people standing behind us, the ones you are nervous to talk to. Tell us about your expertise confidently; they are definitely listening.

The gift of our connection is that we have consciously cultivated a space where you are invited to speak loud and proud. When you write this week’s topic with us as your audience…that’s the sweet spot. That’s how you get “caught in your genius”. It’s not about the finesse of the actual words. It’s about clarity in what you are offering, and the energy of confidence.

This is presence.

Allow yourself the experience of zero pushback. Let it ripple out.

Bonus: Be present when you validate, and open to the full breadth of compassion. It is not just a tool we can use in the space of difficulty, “I understand you because I am you.” When you connect in a way to fully witness another woman’s brilliance, you can only do so because you fully see your own. You understand her. When you validate this week, understand that the brilliance you witness is your own. Our subconscious understands the language of reflection. This is an opportunity to let your subconscious feel safe, valued, and wanted in the area of your expertise. The validation process is the proof – not just for the woman you are validating, but for you, at that deep level where you will – or won’t – allow yourself to be successful.

Note to Contributors: This is a definite opportunity to choose what you are offering in your business to be your expertise. Please be in touch if you want some direction. That’s MY expertise! xo

Wishing you a brilliant week.

Enjoy your SELF!

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