Discussion Topic for the Week of May 28 – Digging in the Dirt

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hello Ladies!

Each topic rolls out of the ideas and conversation from the week before. It’s a beautiful thing, and yes, often like the sprout of a flower!

Last week, we planted some pretty incredible flowers, and this community project itself was created as a way to support and empower the tallest poppies of ideas and dreams. By sharing our dreams into this unique community space, we instantly have a team of gardeners to help us tend to our crop.

This week, take a moment to tell us (and perhaps yourself) how you are going to make a place for the seeds of intention you planted last week, to come into form. Literally, how will you do that? What structures do you have in place? What kind of watering can do you use? Do you have a favourite fertilizer? What ways do you support your intentions so that you reach your goals? 

Discipline becomes a creative force because it lands in an applicable set of actions. We achieve our goals because we support our intentions with daily actions, and we do those actions with our bare hands. Suddenly “the how” is no longer mythical, and the dream comes true.

For your post this week, share with us one or two of your most effective ways of keeping yourself on track towards your goals. Tell us one or two of your gardening secrets! This not only helps you become clear about your own process, but it also gives the other women in the conversation new tools and techniques they can use.

So much of what we dream comes true because we create it using brick, mortar, pen, and canvas. We turn the seeds of intention into the soil of our everyday lives, and something extraordinary. We dig in the dirt.

Have a spectacular week, Ladies. Revolutions happen because real people lend their hands to dreams.


Hint: Don’t think in terms of the things you “need” to have in place, those thoughts come from unconscious lack, and the dreaded self-doubt. It’s endemic in the personal development information we see in our media feeds. Think in terms of simple, real-time practical structures and actions, that you probably already know how to do.

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