This Week’s Topic – Spring Has Sprung

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Hello Ladies!

At long last, Spring has sprung. It’s official. Looks like Mother Nature doesn’t have any more flash snowstorms in store for us — so sayeth the flowers!

It’s a spectacular time of year.

It’s also that amazing time of year where the world around us starts planting its many gardens. It’s a time of planting the seeds that create the abundance of the year to come. Each new season offers an opportunity to connect with where we are in our individual lives, but no other season offers such an exact reflection of our potential, and our ability to consciously create the foundations for the things we wish to bring to fruition.

This week, take some time to choose something you would like to plant in your life. Share with us what seeds you are planting. Are you planning an event? Do you want to create a Facebook page? Do you want to go on a trip? Do you want to re-connect with an old friend? Do you want to join a gourmet club?

Do you have an idea?!

Everything we harvest starts with a seed. All of our abundance is a result of a single spark of thought, an impulse, a desire.

Use this week’s post in the members’ forum to plant that seed — in your own mind, and also in the minds of the women who read and support you. It is a powerful thing to share a dream, or a plan, an idea or a goal, especially in the arms of an audience of women who see you and believe in you.

Spring has sprung, Ladies!

It’s planting time!

(P.S. We’ll come back to this one at Harvest time — not as a test, but as a celebration! Remember the seeds you planted, ha!)

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