Discussion Topic for the Week of March – Ceremony

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Hi Ladies!

This will sound like a strange discussion topic, but stay with me. The intention of this week’s discussion is to open up the ways in which we ground into our own unique language of connection.

The impetus for this discussion comes from a conversation with a theologian friend of mine a couple of months ago. We were, of course, talking about religion. She’s fascinating, and probably the most non-judgmental person I know. It feels awesome to get to know her perspective when I visit, and also to have in-depth conversations about many topics. This time she brought up the fact that as “organised religion” starts to fail, people will experience the “loss of ceremony.”

This means so many things! Mostly though, it gave me an opportunity to ponder the purpose of ceremony, it’s humanness, and the role it plays in our everyday lives, I was intrigued and curious.

In your own life, your own space, and your in own intellectual context, with which ceremonies or touch points do you regularly engage?

Do you luxuriate over a morning coffee? Do you stand, face towards the sun after a walk, in gratitude? Do you wear purple socks on Friday? Do you wear your Grandmother’s ring on her birthday? Do you take an extra lap around the block after a run? Do you celebrate the leap year, every year? Do you sing to your plants every Wednesday?

What “ceremonies” do you use in your everyday lives?

And  better… why?

Ceremonies are a way to connect your emotional and intellectual worlds to your practical and physical lives. They are a way of bringing that magic part of yourself into reality. They are a way to honour those parts. They are a way to slow down and be.

Enjoy this topic Ladies! Just like the act of “ceremony” itself, this topic is an opportunity to share something deep and meaningful about connection – a communion with your own spirit – in a light, fun, and practical way.

In Joy.

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