Discussion Topic for the Week of March 26 – Authenticity

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hi Ladies!

Be Authentic.

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful compliments you can give to yourself and to others.

But what does this mean? Really. What is the definition of authenticity?

This is an important question for us here, in this community. It is our mission to provide an authentic space and voice in this conversation, so that other women can benefit from the power of that conscious positioning. When we are honest and truthful about who we are, we are opening the door for other women to be honest and truthful about who they are too.

This week, let’s take some time to discuss what it means to be authentic. What is your understanding or definition of “authentic”.

We are demanding that of others, and we strive to be this ourselves.

What does “authenticity” really mean to you?

Bonus: What does this mean when we are exploring our authentic power? We are very comfortable connecting at the level of authentic “vulnerability” or weakness as women. What does it mean to connect in authentic power and strength.

Have a fantastic week with this topic, Ladies.

Feel free to stretch your wings.

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