Discussion Topic for the Week of March 19 – What is Your Super Power?

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion


In the wake of International Women’s Day, let’s pick up the thread, and carry this single moment into the rest of our calendar year. There are many such opportunities, and we do this often in our community with many other important days and celebrations. Let’s take the opportunity to make this special day a habit too.

Let’s take a step forward towards having the warmth and inspiration between us as women become normal.

It really starts with us becoming comfortable with our power, our connection to ourselves and others, and our future.

This week, let’s combine the energies of joy, love, collaboration, support, co-respect, and honour – for ourselves and others. Take a moment to look at yourself as a representative of “woman”, and see one important thing about yourself that makes you powerful.

Are you kind? Are you intelligent? Do you crunch numbers like a ninja? Do you make a mean chocolate chip cookie? Do you know exactly what to love about another? Are you a friend? Do you lead? Do you love? Are you unstoppable?

Share with us, Ladies if you would, one single and spectacular super power.

Tell us how you roll!

Enjoy your Self!

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