Discussion Topic for the Week of June 25 – Activism

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We are a diverse bunch – in our thoughts, our ideas, and our interests. We have lifestyles, projects, and businesses that support the growth and actualization of our ideas. People come to us – directly and passively – to be inspired and to learn how to engage more fully with their own ideas and interests. We provide the “how” with our own life choices to others who would like to activate more of their own.

In short, we provide a collective example of how to get from the statement “be the change you want to see” to the reality of living a real life that is promoting change.

This is activism.

This week, take some time to think about yourself with this lens. If this is happening (and it is!), and you are a known supporter and knowledge-keeper, what are you known for? If you are a promoter of ideas, what ideas are you promoting? If you are a curator, what ideas and “causes” do you think are important for people to know about?

For your post this week, choose one to discuss. Keep it potent.

What are you known for?

Do you actually have ways to reduce plastic use? Do you have a garden with bee-friendly plants? Do you truly self-love on self-love Sunday? Do you have a wheat-free diet? Do you (for serious) go to a book group? Do you “be present” with your people? Do you have a satisfying work-life balance?

How do your ideas translate into a real life?

Hint: It doesn’t have to be political. In this community we are activists for authentic connection. For women in community, this is perhaps the most basic nutrient for our emotional well-being. This is the offering of ideas and know-how, without the “shoulds” associated with change.

This is an opportunity to let us look into the window of conscious living. 


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