Discussion Topic for the Week of July 23 – Darling, What if You Fly

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Hello Ladies!

Last week’s posts about our favourite quotes were incredible. What was intended to be a fun way to learn something new about each other suddenly blossomed into a conversation that showed us who we are as a group. All of the quotes, and the stories behind them, were positive, inspiring, and spoke to the intentional space and energy that we hold here for each other.

The quotes we chose are indicative of the conscious culture we have created here. It is a unique and critical head space of positivity, and when we can take the energy we cultivate here – that we marinate in together! – back into our lives, positive things happen. It was cool to see where we landed as a group in that social media trend. We rock.

This week, let’s take one of those quotes out on the town! It’ll be a bit like an Artist Date, ha! The quote is: 

Darling, what if you fly?

It’s the perfect runway for this week’s discussion topic.

This week, take a moment and think about something in your life where you are not sure what is going to happen. This is a future thing. We are pointing ourselves away from the past. Be really clear, this is not a story about regrets or things you wish had happened instead. What we are “processing” behind the scenes is any unconscious lack that may be hanging around and influencing our creativity.

For your share, use the power of your imagination to create your results. Tell us the story of your success. 

We are only our thoughts. What we think, we become. 

What if you can fly?

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