This Week’s Topic- How Do You Do?

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The New Year is here! Yup, whole-heartedly and with bells on. 2021! It’s a magical beast of a year and it’s got your intentions in hand. It’s geared up to support you, challenge you, inspire you, and show up for the Zoom parties along the way. It’s all in.

Intention is like that; it’s the fuel of the fantastic.

Your job? Dot your I’s, cross your T’s, and hang on for the ride! Success is certain.

This week, though, successful Lady of the World, share with us your secret. It’s true. We’re on to you, and we want to know how you do it. Success, that is. We’ve heard your intentions, we are inspired by you, we match that in our own fullness, and… now we want to know how you will keep connected to your New Year’s intention, right down to the nuts and bolts.

For your share this week, tell us how you will keep your intention on track. What are your daily actions? How do you stay aligned? Do you do a meditation, followed by a dance in the morning? Do you eat power-granola for lunch? Did you hire an accountant? Do you vision board? Do you take Sundays off? Do you wear special socks?!

We know you do!

What’s your secret recipe?

We are sharing in the focused intentions of not just our community, but of the world at this time. It’s a powerful time of reflection and inspiration, and it’s a powerful time to show up as a leader – to each other here, and to the women who look to us to see the potential of their own New Year’s intentions. In a way, by sharing these recipes of our success, we are also sharing the load. A potluck perhaps? Yes! And you are here with bells on, xo.

Happy New Year, Ladies!

How do you do?!



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