This Week’s Topic – What?! Why Not?!

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We have had a powerful start to our year. 2021 has come right up to meet us, and is standing firmly beneath our feet.

We are clear about our intentions—what we want to feel and achieve in the coming year—and we are ready!

Last week’s topic gave us the opportunity to connect with our intentions in motion. We got to experience together the potential to bring that intentional part of yourself into every moment—or how raw “goal” energy meets you where ever you are. We explored how we stay consciously connected to that, while also protecting it from our own limiting beliefs and behaviours. And, some of the best ways you can bring clean positive energy into your “plans” at any moment – because it’s your energy, it’s always there.

This week, however, we are going to take the little niggly bits by the horns! 

Normally, we do not focus on the negative, or what bothers us—enough of that served up out there in the big bad world!—but, now is the perfect time to call out a really nasty bug-a-boo. It even has a name, and it is lurking in the shadows…and like a wild monster in the closet, it is coming to pull the toes of your dreams!

Look out, Ladies! It’s The Why-Not!

This is that great scary beast, and we saw it poke its nose into the conversation last week. A few of us called it “perfectionism”… that. It will be different for each of us, but the number one stealer of our dreams is the Why-Not. It’s counter-intuitive—especially to powerful, conscious, deliberate, and confident people who are actively doing great things, with a plan!—but in those times when we are doing fabulous things, the biggest thing we can do to have those things happen easily, is to point at the Why-Not.

That’s right. Stop it in its tracks. Poke it in the belly, and watch it disappear.

It’s not real.

Quite simply, you already know WHY you want to be successful, to live the life of your dreams, to do and be every thing you’ve ever wanted. And if you’re here in this community, you know what that looks like. You’ve got goals, plans, and clarity in action. You’ve got tools in your pocket, and you have a fabulous group of gals to support you (for those of us who work alone, our community is like the staff room!). You’re focused.

And there it is, in the corner of your eye:

Why NOT succeed?

What scares you? What would you lose? What would you have to DO that you hate doing to achieve your goals? Would your life change suddenly? Would you be that different? Would you have to wear an ugly pair of pants? 


This week, Ladies, armed with fantastic itself, and a community of incredible women who believe in you, share with us why you don’t want or can’t have the thing you want the most, the thing you are working towards.

This week, Why not succeed? 

What are you afraid of?

Call it out. Poke it in the belly. Watch it disappear.


A wee reminder Ladies, NO coaching and NO advice. This is one of those topics where we are stating a difficulty. The most powerful thing we can do for each other, as witnesses to a struggle, is to stand in the place where that struggle is untrue. Validate. Provide certainty to each other. Or, share your own experience, if the specific why-not is the same.

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is say: “I’m afraid of that too!” Instantly, we see in each other whether that fear is real in our own selves – and what needs to be managed or let go.

Be the example to each other—and hold the example for other women who experience us on the public blog—of how NOT to propagate a victim position. Lead. Empower. Love. Laugh with each other. Reflect strength and ease.


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