Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 3 – Celebrate You

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We are warming up to the holiday season!

This is that time of year where we get to experience the diversity of all the things we are as individuals – especially women. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, business owners, friends, lovers, dreamers, caregivers, collaborators, and creators. And that’s just the quick list to get us warmed up to all the possibilities!
It’s a beautiful life filled with so much richness and opportunity. This is the time of year where we celebrate that, through all its various layers of celebration, from hair on fire to warm and cozy nights curled up by the fire!
This week, consider the richness and joy in your life. Use that lens. How many things are you? What do you do? When people meet you at a celebration, what do they see? What part of you do you show them? What parts take the lead?
For your share, choose (only!) 1 – 3 of these things. Choose the most important ones, the ones you want to be known for in your closest circles.
This is, after all, that beautiful time of year where we lay down the burdens of our practical lives (if we choose to) and celebrate life, just in general.
Which part of you are you celebrating this year?
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