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We’re doin’ it! We’re heading into the holidays! The recipe for crème brûlée is out on the counter and we have a secret Santa gift tucked neatly under each arm, for just those sudden moments of impromptu needed-love. We are safely gathering. We are cooking up a storm! We are swirling and sparkling through our online neighbourhoods bringing joy and peace to all we meet.

It’s a total blast!

And… it’s exhausting.

And… we all know what can happen when we get tired in the midst of such an important time for friends and family – especially this year. We bonk, not just physically, but emotionally, setting us up for that very delicate kind of overwhelm, that few of us will admit to at this time of year: I am not enough.

Well, phooey!

It’s like that record scratch in movies where the scene stops suddenly. Our hearts are huge and open, doing so much and loving every minute of giving, and suddenly something triggers us into recognizing how outstretched we have become. The flan flops, or the kids start arguing, or our partner doesn’t comment on a new dress, or literally, we spill the milk. We all know the feeling.

Good thing is, it’s completely normal! And yet it can totally mess with your vibe.

This week, let’s be proactive. Let’s acknowledge a few of the triggers ahead of time, and then let’s pre-plan the images or scenes we play in our heads as the moment passes. Instead of rocketing into overwhelm and the dreaded “I’m not enough” this holiday season, let’s meet those moments of outstretched (ironically caused by the loving of the giving) with some old fashioned self-love and self-acknowledgment.

Let’s protect our happiness.

For your share this week, first, give us a bullet point list of the things that can trigger you over the holidays. What are your triggers? It will be interesting to see how many are the same between us.

Then, tell us the one image you plan to use like a flashcard in those moments to give your mind a place to land when your heart has pushed you past your limits. Tell us that one image where you hold yourself in beauty, and acknowledge how much you do—and how loved you truly are in return.

Happy Holidays Ladies!

It’s ON!

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