Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 27 – Zoom in on The Now

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion


What a particularly spectacular couple of weeks in the private forum! The last two discussion topics – visualisation and gratutude – have pulled from us a few of the first steps towards having the life of your dreams. What we imagine, we become, and what we are grateful for, paves the runway for what we imagine to land in the real world.

It’s that simple.

The practical steps to our individual projects will be as unique as we are, but those first few steps of any visionary life are always the same. Imagine the life you want, while already loving the life you have. By holding the image of your dreams in your mind’s eye, while holding the energy of gratitude for what you already have, you are in the exact frequency to create more of what you want. You just switch out the practical details. 

This week, we are completing this hat-trick of discussion topics focused on the building blocks we use to create our dreams – and then using the power of this community awareness to amplify our ability to bring them to life. This week we’re going to do a second-level kind of visioning: acknowledging what parts of our “vision image” are already here.

This third and final step in the vision-process is based on the philosophy that if you want it, it must already be a part of you. To understand that more easily perhaps, it’s also the opposite: if you think something is missing in your life, it is already there. Or, for the sciency-types in the crowd, it’s wave-theory: each wave length has equal positive and negative forces.

Is your mind confused? Good. Send it out on a coffee break, and let your heart do the noticing.

For your share this week, with your heart, look through the lens of your “image” of the life of your dreams. Zoom in. What parts of that image are already here? What parts of what you think you still need to create, already exist?

Are your shoes the same as you imagine in this image? Is the mail box on your current house already perfect? Do you write in a beautiful coffee shop every morning already – except now you are answering emails instead of writing wild and explosive fiction? Do you have three “practice” clients? Bet they think you are a genius.

In keeping with the theme of this topic-trio, choose ONE single thing to share. This keeps you specific and focused, but more importantly, it keeps your team (us!) really clear about what we are imagining when we hear or read your name, or see your face, when we think of you.

Be clear. 

To understand the value of what we have done here together in the past three weeks, take a cruise through any of your visual media streams. Without using Wikipedia, do you know who, what, and why Oprah? Do you know who, what, and why Elon Musk? Do you know who, what, and why Harry Potter? Do you know who, what, and why… any of our positive icons – woman, man or mythical? Yes, you do. And when you see their faces, and you know what they are creating, your energy helps them make it possible.

Dreams are made of energy. Let us feed yours too.

Zoom in.

It’s NOW.

Bonus: Bring a piece of the image of your dream life into the now, now. For example, if you imagine your dream home is by the beach, you could put a beautiful shell on your bookshelf. This makes your imagination real. It becomes a tactile vision-board.

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