Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 20 – Visionary Gratitude

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Hello Ladies!

Killer conversation last week, Ladies. Literally, the stuff that dreams are made of. In our minds, images come alive, thus animating to become the cogs that turn our reality on the surface.

Our futures come from inside. Mind before matter.

Before we embark on the next part of this three-part topic series, take a moment to see if this process works. Get some proof:

Go back to last week’s conversation. Without reading any of the posts over again, just scroll through and see the faces of the women in the private forum. 

When you see each of our faces, do you also see clearly the image of what each woman is working to create?

Can you see in your mind, clearly, each woman’s vision?

By sharing these snapshots within this community of committed support, we have amplified our ability to turn our dreams into reality. Our vision lives in the minds of others, and because those women see you in your fullest, your image is bathing in an incubator that is without a doubt. Your vision lives in the hearts of another, without the shadow of your self-doubt – or your fear, or your shyness, or your drama, or your poor food choices, or your bad-at-math, or your addiction to busy – all those beautiful things we do as modern women which derail us. Instead, the image of what you want to create in your life, has become unlimited. The blocks to your specific satisfaction are not present.

This week’s topic is inspired again by Andrea’s Writing Incubator Workshop, with the added spice of our own community consciousness. It’s such profound proof of the value of creating with the support of an aligned community. Without knowing the next “step” in the trio of focued topics, many of you shared the same experience of already living your vision in some way, or perhaps you are closer than you realised.  

This is such an incredible, and so often the misunderstood key to making even the biggest of dreams true:

How are you already living your dreams? To understand that question completely – and how to answer it – go back and read Sabine’s post again. At the end of her post, she states “Wow, putting together this vision was a ride, and I am amazed by how often I am living my vision right now, here, today!! What an Aha!” The answer you are looking for is that. It’s not the “practical parts” of the vision itself – the image you described to us last week – but the feeling.

Pause here. Stand. And feel it. How does it feel already true?

Now, while feeling that feeling, wherever it is for you on your body, grounded by the act of standing, without further ado, this week’s topic:


Ah yes, delicious gratitude. All you can eat.

For your share in the private forum, choose ONE thing in your life for which you are grateful. It can be big or small, animal or mineral, current or historical. And like last week, describe it. In as much fullness, and like the image of your vision, you want the women in this community to know and feel and understand that spactacular thing.


Gratitude is the same energy as willingness. 

This week, in essence, we are plugging our visions directly in our willingness to have them become reality.

Ground that in.


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