Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 13 – Collaborate In Vision

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Imagine this:

A Homeopath and a Communications Consultant walk into a bar. Under one arm they have a visionary online women’s community, and under the other, an international writing mentor they share…Over drinks and dinner at a this beautiful new bar, they engage in an equally exceptional conversation about their daily lives, the world they see around them, and how they are acting positively and easily towards change. They celebrate each other, they laugh, and they sink into an evening of co-visioning – that part, specifically inspired by a summer workshop intensive offered by our very own Andrea Hylen.

Sound familiar? Indeed it is! All roads lead to Rome. This really happened, and it all started with a vision. THAT vision, specifically, is of “ordinary” women, in all walks of life, having the opportunity to come together, from wherever they are in the world, to share their biggest dreams, be supported, be encouraged, and be reflected in their fullest.

Consciously Woman is an actual dream come true. It started with a vision.

This week, we will begin a three week series of discussion topics that use the power of this community’s manifested vision to super-charge our own individual visions. In a way, we will place our dreams within a dream, and let the magic of our connection start to bring them into form.

Our topic this week:


There is an A and a B:

A) What is your vision? What is your dream? Write up a brief description of what you are wanting to accomplish. Pick any part of your life – relationship, home, creativity, career, fitness, kids, anything – and tell us what you are wanting to achieve there. Be as simple and specific as possible, so that the other ladies in the community know what you are doing. Use clear language and avoid platitudes.

B) Create a simple and clear picture so that you can imagine your vision in an instant. Describe that image. This allows you to lock it in your mind and access your vision, in full, and immediately when you think of it. This allows us as your supporters to do the same. When we think of you, we will also be able to instantly visualise your dream.

This is co-visioning.

Self-Love Bonus: Our validation statements to each other are perhaps the most valuable part of our exchange. When we validate what we love about what another woman in the community wrote, we are seeing the reflection of our selves. Take care in this section of our conversation on the private forum. Take care to also be clear and simple.

Take this opportunity to powerfully collaborate.


A special gratitude this week to Andrea for the focus on visualisation in the Writing Incubator last week – you inspire us to know how.

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