Discussion Topic for the Week of April 30 – A Day in the Life

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Hello Ladies!

It’s been a really great couple of weeks, getting to know each other – who you are, and what events happened in your life to bring you to how you think and act today. There is a saying ” to know where you are going, you must know where you have been.” There are lots of angles on that statement, lots of factors, details, and influences, but perhaps the most important sentiment is how one stays connected to what fuels them in a conscious way. Much of our fuel comes from trauma or difficulty, it’s what we do with that – how we think about it – that makes us extraordinary.

We see the positive, and we act consciously to grow the positive results of our troubles along the way. That’s the recipe for creating change.

This week, however, let’s take a day off! Let’s have a mini-vacation! 

In this conversation, we have the opportunity to travel into each other’s lives and experience our own lives from a different perspective or vantage point. We have the opportunity to be inspired by each other’s every day awesomeness. This week, share with us your perfect day.

It could be a day off, a day on the town, a day spent with your family or the love of your life. It could be a day of painting, of creating. You could go for a long walk in the woods!

Tell us about that part of you. 

If you had one day to do whatever you wanted to do – real or imagined – what would you do?

Take us with you!


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