This Week’s Discussion – Cause For Applause

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‘Tis the season for giving and receiving—and giving even more!

With the holiday celebrations well underway, we have the opportunity to take a break from striving or focusing on our own individual goals. And… that’s exactly who we are! As a community, we help to keep each other focused on our goals, and the things we want to have in our lives.

What about the things others want to have in their lives? What about their goals? It’s even more important this year to be focused on caring for others in all the ways that we do – mental, emotional and physical.

This week, as we naturally start to think about the year to come, let’s pause and celebrate together, the things we support and get behind. It’s a great way to feel accomplished, but more it’s a great way to spread awareness about the things that other communities and iniatives are trying to achieve.

A little positive reflection goes a long way!

This week, let’s pull some more of that awesomeness out of our pockets and put it on the table. It’ll be like an awesomeness potluck!

This week, share with us one cause you support over the holidays and why. Why do you love it?

How exactly do you support this cause? Your time? With money? With conscious donations?

One of the most enjoyable things about being a woman is having the power to give and to love and to care.

We were born with deep and loving pockets.

It’s who we are.

How do you share your love during the holiday season?

Abundance is unlimited.

Let’s celebrate that!

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