Discussion for the Week of April 16 – Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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A few week’s ago, we talked about authenticity, and what is real in life, about us, and about other people and things. What does it mean to be authentic? It means to be both positive and negative at the same time – we’re all of it, all the time. In every milimoment and with every cell we are everything we came here to be. How present we are with that determines the next energies we experience.

We are authentic Creators. We’re doing it all the time. 

Last week, we talked about the experiences that have brought us to where we are. We took each other into the Rabbit Hole, and told the stories of what moved us to come to our current places and perspectives.

Great women live great lives: challenging, rich, and full. 

This week, let’s follow the yellow brick road. Let’s take each other a little further along our paths, and tell the story of where that rabbit hole experience from last week has taken you. Those are the good parts! 

We are all of it all of the time. We are strong, beautiful, and wise women because of our experiences. In this community, we are also conscious leaders. We did not stay stuck in the trauma or the challenge. That’s an important distinction in women’s culture, and the reason why we are successful, and why women seek your leadership – inside and outside this community – as we grow.

This week, follow your own yellow brick road. Be all the characters, but most important, be the Wizard of Oz. You are the woman standing behind the curtain – human, ingenius, standing on the chair of your life, pulling the levers and conducting it all. The only difference, is that you are real. 

What real-life fairy tale did you bring out of the rabbit hole? What did you do with that experience? Tell us about the magic you have become.

It’s real.

You are real.

The world needs you more than ever.

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