Conscious Nourishment

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Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


The newness of the year is upon us. Still fresh. Still filled with potential and hopes. So what to do to maximize it? If I look at years gone by, they start with a desire to do something. It stirs up a call to action. It’s time to make resolutions.

Resolution, as described by Google dictionary, is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” In the past, the firmness of the decision was rooted in a specific thing—for example losing weight. I’d set a target and keep my eye on it, but the target was simply the achieving of the number. And guess what? These types of resolutions failed for me.

So, as I step back and observe what’s happened it dawns on me that the resolution was focused and intense and also disconnected from me. Disconnected in that it was too pinpointed and focused on achieving a number, versus setting the intention to be healthier.

Setting the intention of honouring my body and making choices that support that. An intention, according to Google dictionary, is “a thing intended; an aim or plan.” Even the definition for me lends itself more to flexibility and creativity in the overall mapping of the plan. I suppose that fits me. I like a plan in so far as it’s flexible and that I can change and modify it as the situations warrant. I suppose for some it sounds wishy-washy but for me, it’s just the perfect framework to use to guide my decision making. I would further add that the intention is like planting a seed. Once the seed is planted the work continues in nurturing and feeding the intention.

So now that I’ve gotten semantics out of the way, what are my intentions for the year? The theme right now is nourishment.

1. Nourish my body. I want to continue on my way to being kinder to my body. It’s the only one I’ve got so I want to ensure to take proper care of it. As I continue to eat mindfully and pay attention to how my body reacts to the foods I choose, it, in turn, leads to better decisions about food. Interestingly, it also leads to deeper meditations, better sleep and better moods. And the resolution of hitting that magic number on the scale figures in here as well without being the primary focus. Still though, a great side effect of taking better care of my body.

Feeding, for me, is everything that goes into my body. This includes thoughts, media and even people that I connect with. I am more aware of the shift in my energy based on what I am consuming so I make a point of choosing books, music, even movies or shows that uplift. I choose connections and interactions that feed me with positive and high vibrating energy.

2. Nourish my creativity: Reading, connecting with nature, photography and writing feed my soul, fill me up. These are activities that I can start to do, spend hours doing, not notice any time has gone by and feel super energized after engaging with. That energized buzz is a natural high needing no chemicals and having no subsequent crashes.

In previous years these were “nice to haves”. Until Consciously Woman brought writing back to the forefront for me, I hadn’t realised how much more fulfilled I am when I am engaging in these regularly. So again, in the spirit of paying attention to what I need, I intend to create balance in my life to include these elements in my day-to-day.

3. Nourish my healing: Yoga, Meditation, and Huna healing are now non-negotiables for me. Again, it used to be that these would be “nice-to-haves” and would be the first thing to drop off my busy schedule, but I realized that this wasn’t helping me. It’s a great little experiment. I can track good days (days that I am in flow), versus bad days—days where I feel I am swimming against the current. And guaranteed the days I am in flow started with my Huna practice and meditation.

So really while that extra 45 minutes of sleep sounds like it would be better, the consistent feedback of my days has me convinced that these are must-haves. And why not? These feed my soul. These practices connect me to the universe.

4. Nourish others: Where this lands in the numbered list is intentional. In years past this was #1 on my list. And I found myself frustrated that here I had found my calling and yet my calling wasn’t moving at the speed I expected. My hands and body come alive when I do energy healing for others. My clients walk away better. So why is it then that my healing space is built and yet the volume of healings has not grown to the extent that I can leave my corporate side gig and dedicate full time to healing and helping others? And it hits me. I was undernourished.

I hadn’t fed my body, mind and soul properly so really how could I expect to nourish others if I myself were undernourished? Light bulb! So now on a full stomach, heart and soul, I plant the seed of intention to share with others the gift of Huna healing. The gift of letting go of what no longer serves us so that we can remember who we are.

I can’t wait to see what fruit these seeds bear! I am excited to see how my life transforms in this phase of nourishment.


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