Can I Get Some Love

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

Today on my walk my son and I saw a heart made of stones in the grass. I wish I had taken a picture. The more amazing thing, as we walked we kept seeing hearts. In the shadow in the stream, in the fluffy white cloud above, in the froth of the coffee my hubby brewed me and even in a broken stone in the neighbours garden as my son and I walked by.

I really believe that there are no coincidences. Hearts all around? A reminder that love is all around. Not only that but let’s pull out the cliches, “love conquers all”. Years ago, when I started on my healing journey my healer at the time recommended the book, “Love is letting go of Fear“, by Gerald G. Jampolsky. It was the first time that I considered the opposite of love to be fear and not hate. It makes sense though. Fear keeps us stuck. Fear keeps us hating. Fear keeps us from getting hurt. Or so we tell ourselves. We get hurt. We shut down. We shield our hearts from love. And when we shut love out, we die slowly inside. We lose when we say no to love.

Love, love is the only thing. Love heals all. Love mends all hurts. Love is the most powerful force on earth. I know this. Firsthand. When my son got sick, love pushed me to find new ways to support him. Love keeps me going to support my family. Love keeps me going to support me. Love is like a drug. Once you get a hit of it. Truly pure love. Not love with strings, not love with conditions. Pure potent, knock the wind out of you love. There is only love. Love is the only true healer. Love is the only truth. From a Huna perspective Love is ALOHA. This Huna principle tells us that the Love is to be happy with.  Amazing. Love. No conditions, just feel it, be in it, share it. Be love. Spread love. Feel love. Just love, in the now, just as everything is.

Open your heart to love with this week’s meditation:

Light and of course Love to you this week.


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